Chinese/English NET Bible

旧约 Old Testament: 新约 New Testament:
创世纪 Genesis
出埃及记 Exodus
利未记 Leviticus
民数记 Numbers
申命记 Deuteronomy
约书亚记 Joshua
士师记 Judges
路得记 Ruth
撒母耳记上 1 Samuel
撒母耳记下 2 Samuel
列王记上 1 Kings
列王记下 2 Kings
历代志上 1 Chronicles
历代志下 2 Chronicles
以斯拉记 Ezra
尼希米记 Nehemiah
以斯帖记 Esther
约伯记 Job
诗篇 Psalms
箴言 Proverbs
传道书 Ecclesiastes
雅歌 Song of Songs
以赛亚书 Isaiah
耶利米书 Jeremiah
耶利米哀歌 Lamentation
以西结书 Ezekiel
但以理书 Daniel
何西阿书 Hosea
约珥书 Joel
阿摩司书 Amos
俄巴底亚书 Obadiah
约拿书 Jonah
弥迦书 Micah
那鸿书 Nahum
哈巴谷书 Habakkuk
西番雅书 Zephaniah
哈该书 Haggai
撒迦利亚 Zechariah
玛拉基书 Malachi
马太福音 Matthew
马可福音 Mark
路加福音 Luke
约翰福音 John
使徒行传 Acts
罗马书 Romans
哥林多前书 1 Corinthians
哥林多后书 2 Corinthians
加拉太书 Galatians
以弗所书 Ephesians
腓立比书 Philippians
歌罗西书 Colossians
帖撒罗尼迦前书 1 Thessalonians
帖撒罗尼迦后书 2 Thessalonians
提摩太前书 1 Timothy
提摩太后书 2 Timothy
提多书 Titus
腓利门书 Philemon
希伯来书 Hebrews
雅各书 James
彼得前书 1 Peter
彼得后书 2 Peter
约翰一书 1 John
约翰二书 2 John
约翰三书 3 John
犹大书 Jude
启示录 Revelation


This website is for anyone who speaks either English or Mandarin Chinese and wants to learn to read in the other language.

The human brain retains whatever it repeatedly encounters. For most people, a new word becomes part of your vocabulary once you read it ten times in context.
The same texts in both languages are shown side by side. Each Chinese word is linked to the corrolated word in English. English words are linked back to corrolated Chinese. Click on any word and the corrolated word will be highlighted in the other language. The Chinese word will be shown in simplified characters with its pinyin and its root meaning in this context.

Click on any verse number to see the data on all words in that verse together.
When you begin, you may need to click on every word to study its meaning. But after encountering the same word repeatedly, you will recognize that word. Eventually, fewer lookups will be required as your vocabulary grows. By the end of each chapter, you will know at least ten new words.

Instead of memorizing vocabulary lists which you will soon forget, let your brain accumulate vocabulary through repeated exposure in context. Use the Find button to see all occurrences of that word and its variety of meanings in different contexts.
Grammar is beyond the scope of this project. We offer a few necessary basics, but this project is focused on building vocabulary. Verbal skills are an important part of learning to speak or understand a spoken language. There are many tools available on the internet to assist you in these areas.

This project is focused solely on building vocabulary. With diligent effort, you can use this website to learn how to read a new language.

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